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Technology-Enabled Personalized Comprehensive Primary Care

Heale Medical offers technology-enabled primary care in Washington, DC, that is proactive, comprehensive, and centered around our patient’s needs. We strive for excellence in healthcare quality, and our state-of-the-art technology, combined with personalized care, ensures our patients get the best possible care.

Heale Medical | Primary Care In Vienna, VA

How We Make a Difference

We help residents in the DC area stay healthy and well in their daily lives. As your trusted primary care providers, we offer a range of clinical services along with preventive care, chronic disease management, mental health services, and coordinated care between providers to enhance the patient experience.

We offer 24/7 access to patient health records, in-person appointments, and telehealth visits.

The Heale Medical Value

As your top-rated primary care physicians in Washington, DC, we strive to ensure you have the most appropriate, up-to-date, and effective care. We understand your health is essential and want to ensure you get the best care possible. Our team is committed to meeting each patient’s unique health goals together.

We look forward to working with you to provide quality health care.

3-d body scan

3D Body Scanning

The FIT3D scanner is the latest in technology to give you a 360 full body analysis.

Primary Care In Vienna, VA

Quality Patient Engagement

Same day/next day appointments, zero/limited waiting room time, longer one-on-one with your physician.

Technology Enabled Care

Our state-of-the-art technology provides cutting-edge patient care Services.

Relaxed Cozy Atmosphere

Relaxed appointments with plenty of time to talk to your doctor.

Primary Care In Vienna, VA

Virtual Care From Anywhere

Our team of doctors can provide consultations, diagnoses, and treatment via video chat or phone.

Members of Heale Medical benefit from:

  • Unlimited Fit 3D Body Scans

  • Unlimited access to the Health Dashboard

  • Nutritionist Consultations

  • Same day/Next day Appointment


At Heale Medical, our expert Doctors and Nutritionists provide a wide range of services for patients in and around Washington, DC.

  • Overall Physical Health Screening
  • Acute and Urgent Illness or Injury Management
  • Preventive Medical Visits, including Weight Management and Lifestyle Assessments
  • Women’s Health
  • Managing Chronic Conditions



It was my first time at Heale Medical Primary Care and the entire experience was very pleasant. Dr. Park was able to provide knowledgeable insight/solutions to my concerns and I felt extremely comfortable (almost as if I was talking to a friend) telling her about some private medical history I don’t usually feel comfortable sharing with strangers. Georgine in the front desk answered all of my questions regarding insurance/scheduling appointments politely and was very hospitable. I plan on continuing my care at Heale moving forward!


Great experience. This was my first visit on new insurance after going to an HMO my entire life so it was definitely a new experience for me. The team at Heale Medical made me feel welcome; they answered all of my questions and made things very easy and simple. There were also no long wait times which I am used to – I was in and out for my physical in less than 45 minutes. The office environment is also very modern and clean which added to the comfort I experienced during my visit.


Genuinely the most enjoyable experience I have ever had at a doctor’s office! Dr. Sarah Park is so kind, knowledgeable, and reassuring and really took her time getting to know me and my health goals. Georgine at the front desk is delightful and makes you instantly feel welcome and connected. You feel taken care of as soon as you walk through the door, while you’re there, and after you leave. I’ll be recommending them to all of my friends.

Our Primary Care Physicians

Dr. Sarah Park

Heale Medical Primary Care

8300 Boone Boulevard
Suite 150
Vienna, VA 22182

Ph: 703-662-0202

Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM